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About Fergus & Elora

Fergus (Ontario, Canada)

Fergus is a town in South-West Ontario. It is less than half an hour from Guelph and Waterloo, about 45 minutes from Kitchener and in an hour you can get to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). 

The Grand River meanders through the town centre.

The town of Fergus, like the village of Elora, have amalgamated into the new township of Centre Wellington. This is one of the reasons why the new Fergus Arena was named Centre Wellington Sportsplex. 

Fergus is renowned for its annual top North-American festivals: the Fergus Truck Show (July) and the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games (August).

Elora (Ontario, Canada)

Elora is the artsy little sister of Fergus. Both are part of the newly formed township of Centre Wellington. Where Fergus is mainly known for its festivals, is Elora on the shortlist of many visitors because of its quaint downtown area with many galleries and unique shops. There is the annual Elora Festival, where many different kinds of music are being performed, and other attractions annual Art In The Yard event.

But Elora is probably best known for the recreational qualities of its Elora Gorge and Quarry. Come and visit some day, and do not forget to bring your free printable coupons!

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