The previous two posts were about coupon codes for Namecheap. We like to use’s services fo most of our domain names (we have some .ca and .nl domain names that we register elsewhere).

But what if you could get a domain name for free?

Several web hosting companies offer free domain names when you host your site with them. Sometimes there are some strings attached (we heard that GoDaddy may disable your domain name when you are suspected of spamming), but it can be a good deal if you need hosting anyway.

A host that we really like, and one that indeed offers a free domain name when you host with them, is Bluehost. It comes highly recommended by super affiliates like Rosalind Gardner and Jeremy Palmer, who use this as their hosting company of choice for their high-traffic websites. They praise for their quick and professional service, which has indeed been my experience as well.

Bluehost has a very nice suite of features and tools, including

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • 2500 POP email accounts (who needs that many?)
  • Statistics including AWStats
  • Raw log files for website analytics
  • Lots of scripts with Fantastico (makes installation of blogs, forums and more a breeeeeeze :o)
  • $25 free Yahoo! credits (for their Pay-Per-Click program)
  • $50 free Google credits (for AdWords)
  • and… a free domain name!

Check out BlueHost – and tell them we sent you ;o)