Wow. There are more and more Internet marketers giving valuable information and tools away. One of these courses that you can take a look at for free now is PPC Classroom. This course sold out in a week the last time it opened, and this Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course is really solid. I know, because I am currently a member.

Now you can be too.

And you can get it for free! (watch this video)

Tomorrow, February 24th 2009, will be the date that PPC Classroom will open its doors to new students again. and this time you can get in for free. Well, almost free. Anik Singal is offering you a free DVD with 75 minutes about Pay Per Click Internet Advertising. You only have to pay for shipping & handling, and then you will not only receive this DVD but also a free month access to the PPC Classroom Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course.

And for those of you who don’t know what Pay Per Click is: these are the small ads that appear alongside the search results in the major search engines. The most widely used Pay Per Click program is Google AdWords, and Yahoo and MSN also have their own programs.

Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course

Even if you are not into Make Money Affiliate Marketing you can use the Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course to promote your own business or hobby website. Basically, what you learn is how to properly set up a campaign, and manage it. Invaluable advice for any website owner.

This is a proven course that has been a round for a few years, and has been improved upon constantly. I know, as I have been a member since the beginning.

Save money or make money, with this DVD. Or read this free PDF report
“Why 98% of affiliates fail”

PPC Classroom 2.0