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Save Money With Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

Stan Brock

For many years now, brick and mortar stores have offered coupons in the newspapers, by mail or even on/with the products themselves that are geared to get you to try a product and save money on it's purchase in the process. Many people are completely unaware that many online merchants offer coupons for use on their sites. Yes, you can use coupons at many online stores to save on your purchases! In most cases, the coupons are actually known as codes or links. These codes are links can be unlimited, limited or one time use, unique codes. Many times, these offers aren't even allowed in the stores you can walk into.

How Do Web Based Coupons Work?

How do codes work? Usually, at some point during the merchant checkout process, where there will be a box or special field asking for a coupon, promotional or discount code. This is where you normally input your valid code for this merchant. In other cases, the discount is only available via a special link that automatically credits your cart when you shop through it. These links are often seen in emails to special customers from the website or through an affiliate link. Affiliates of web shops get commissions for driving customers to shop at their sites. Therefore, they sometimes get special discount links and special codes only available through them.

Where To Find Codes

You might be interested in using codes to save money online, because in the end who doesn't want to save a buck? Unfortunately, the inexperienced web shopper might not have a clue as to where to find these codes. In some cases, some ecommerce sites have codes listed on the actual item pages. Amazon is famous for doing this on some of their product pages. Sometimes, as mentioned above, you'll have to run a search at Google or your favorite search engine to find codes for a particular merchant. One helpful hint for getting great codes is to sign up for newsletters from merchants you shop at or buy a product and automatically qualify for special offers that will be delivered to your inbox when available., Dell, Overstock, among many others send out codes to their customer base. Are you afraid of getting too much spam or junk in your inbox? Simply sign up for another free email account at yahoo, Gmail or hotmail and use that account for solely that purpose. This helps keep the offers separated from your personal emails.

Coupon Resources

Someone might want to save money shopping online but not want the hassle of having to pick through various emails to find a for a certain merchant. Also, no one can possibly know what stores they might shop at one day to get onto their mailing list. Well, many a webmaster has realized that and now, there are hundreds if not thousands of code directory sites on the internet. They are usually categorized alphabetically by store name and sometimes by category as well. Simply run a search at your preferred search engine and browse until you find some sites that suit your fancy.

How Much Can Buyers Save Online

You might wonder how much money you can really save shopping online. This is, like with brick and mortar stores, completely dependent on the merchant themselves. Dell is famous for offering block buster deals a few time a year, offer coupons that give you as much as 50% off laptops and desktops. Having $750 off $1500 codes or links is not an uncommon occurrence. It's when deals like this are offered, they make you realize the value of patience and how it can keep your bank account significantly higher by just waiting for the right promotional codes to show up. A pleasant surprise to some people is that some internet shops make codes stackable, meaning you can actually stack two coupons together for an even larger discount. This isn't a common occurrence and is usually governed by certain terms and conditions. This still makes the savings even more substantial. Just bare in mind that using coupons like this sometimes can nullify other discounts like site wide sales.


Subscribe to your favorite online shopping website newsletters. Search for sites and bookmark the sites that have the most complete and fresh listings of coupons. Then, when you are ready to make a purchase, take a look at what you can find. Remember the adage that a dollar saved in a dollar earned. Keep track of how much you save in a year, it might surprise you.

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