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Coupons And The Internet

James Brown

Clipping, saving, and using coupons have been a practice of smart shoppers for many years. The habit of using coupons when buying groceries, appliances, clothing, and even luxury items is a proven way for the average consumer to save a significant amount of money each year. With the advent of the Internet, a new way of obtaining and using coupons has become available, and slowly but surely shoppers have begun to discover the advantages of using online coupons.

Clipping coupons from newspapers, magazines, and advertisements can be a time-consuming venture. Most clippers can attest to the fact that you have to search through a lot of paper coupons to be able to find the few that you can use. Although all paper coupons will save you money on all kinds of merchandise, many of them are for merchandise that you would not normally buy. Real savings are realized when you can continually use coupons for the things that you buy on a regular basis. This may not always be possible when you are relying on coupons that are being sent to you in the mail or those that are available in the publications you receive each day, week, or month. Using coupons in this way is most times a hit-and-miss proposition. It is for this reason that using online coupons can give shoppers a distinct advantage.

Online coupons are available every day of the week. Besides being able to find online coupons for the things that you need by using a search engine, there are also web sites specifically devoted to online coupons. These web sites update their listings every day. Putting these web sites in the "favorites" folder of your Internet browser allows you to look each day to see what the latest listings are for the things that you normally buy - and you're consistently going to find more offers than you do in the newspaper or magazines. Many online web sites even let you have a "favorites" folder right on the site, so that when you go to the site you can look at a list of coupons that are geared especially toward your buying habits.

Another advantage of using online web sites is that you will inevitably discover online stores that may be selling products that you buy frequently at a much lower price than the regular stores you are using. Even with shipping costs, online outlet stores have been proving that they can show consumers consistent savings - and there are coupons for the online stores also! Using coupons for online outlet stores is much simpler than using "cut-out" paper coupons. The coupons used for online outlet stores are usually in the form of "coupon codes". Through an online web site or through your search engine, you find a code for an online outlet store, and you simply enter the code into a box when you are ordering your merchandise. The savings are shown to you immediately, before you finalize your purchase.

For example: Mary usually buys at least one new outfit every month. She discovers that there is an online outlet store that sells the type of clothing she likes at discount prices. Mary checks a couple of online web sites each day to look for codes for this outlet store. When she finds one, she goes to the online outlet store web site and selects the clothes that she would like to purchase. At the "checkout" part of her purchase, she enters the code (sometimes referred to as a "promotional code") into the appropriate box. Before she clicks on the "submit" button to complete her purchase, she sees exactly how much she has saved and exactly how much her purchase costs after the code amount is deducted. It is as easy as that!

There are, of course, also online coupons that you can use for "brick and mortar" stores. Once you find them online, you simply print them out and use them at the checkout counter. Before going to your favorite restaurant, it's always a good idea to go to the restaurant's web site (most of them have one), and see if they are offering any meal coupons that you can print out and bring with you. That is a much better way of looking for coupons than frantically searching through your newspaper or all of the advertisements that you receive in the mail each day!

Online coupons and online web sites are the wave of the future, and their popularity is well warranted. The convenience is obvious, and the advantages are many. Once you get into the habit of using online coupons and online web sites, you'll realize almost right away why it is such a good idea.

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