McDonald’s Canada has started their Monopoly game again.Game pieces are attached to many of their food items and you can also get free codes – both online or by mail.

And guess what: I won a free McDonalds baked muffin!

McDonalds Games

You can either play Monopoly online (at, or pick up a gameboard.

Codes to enter on the game website are attached to several of the hamburger chain’s products, including large fries, medium and large coffee (I must say that I like McDonald’s coffee better than Tim Horton’s – although that will be blasphemy for many Canadians ;o) and more.

This is what the official rules say:

One (1) Game Piece is attached to specially marked 14 oz and 18 oz coffee cups, 21 oz and 32 oz drink cups, Big Mac® cartons, Premium Chicken Sandwich cartons, all McMuffin® Breakfast Sandwich paper wraps (excluding Sausage McMuffin®), Angus Burger cartons and large fries boxes. As the Game progresses, some forms of the specially-marked packaging referred to above may run out before others.

Canadian McDonalds – But Also US :o)

I noticed that the American McDonalds website also runs the monopoly game.

Coffee Anyone?

I mentioned that I like McDonalds coffee more than Tim’s. How about you? Drop me a few comments, or visit either of these sites for more coffee related information: