I was looking for online discount codes for a PC files backup solution that I was contemplating. I found one that gave me a 30% cash back on my purchase. and for joining this website (for FREE!) I also got a $5 instant cash back just to get started!

Now I always check out this site if I need to buy anything online.

Their newsletter has great discount coupons in it as well – on top of the cash back offers.

You have to wait for a while before you can pull out your cash back, as this website has to make sure that you have not returned your purchase for a refund (in which case you don’t get the cash back either – makes perfect sense to me).

But wow – this can really save me a lot of money when buying online.

A quick copy/paste into a spreadsheet tells me that they have more than 1800 stores to buy from – with a cash back offer. Many are US-based, which is not great if you are living in Canada like I do, but some are for online services that you can order regardless of where you live – like with my backup software Carbonite.

The cash back deals differ from store to store. Some are just 1%, others are 30%. Some are for $2, some for $30.

Like I said before, it costs nothing to join them, and you will receive a weekly newsletter with new deals & coupons.

Go check out this free cash-back-growing membership site!