OK – if you’re interested you will have to act fast. This product is on a dime sale and the price goes up with every sale. Just by $0.10, but since I bought it the price has jumped $7.60 – which means 76 WordPress Plugins/Themes sold.

Check it out now.

WordPress plugin to build an Amazon affiliate shop in just a few clicks

The great thing about this thing is:

  • This is a pre-launch dime sale; you get in cheap and still get lifetime upgrades – which includes new themes and plugin functionality
  • The price will initially be set at $47 and then $97 – you can get in at a little over half that price – IF YOU”RE FAST
    (the price right now is $27.50…

So head over to the prelaunch site, where you can read the sales letter, a promotion video and a demo site.

Everybody who wants to add an Amazon store, or even sell his/her own products will benefit from this very simple to use plugin. You can also use it for eBay products. It integrates the plugin functionality in a fixed theme, but you can easily place that shop on a sub-domain of yours and still be up-and-running in no time.

Hope you get in before the price reaches $47 (which would still be a low price for such a fast shop building plugin).

Yes, I will be compensated if you decide to buy through my link. You must always do your own due dilligence when researching and buying your products. But this product can make setting up an affiliate webshop very, very easy.