I am always looking for new quality themes for myself and my clients. ThemeFuse is one of the sites I stumbledupon – and I liked their designs. What kept me away is that they only give you access to what they have already released, not what they’re going to release. But they seem to work on a Themes Club, which will give you access to everything.

Today Only: 75% Off

But I can’t resist now: they have a one day Halloween special: 75% off! That means: only pay $87.25 instead of $349 – for 16 themes.

Can go wrong there.

Make sure to use online coupon code TrickorTreat, which also works if you only want to buy one theme – for $13 ($20 for a developer license).

Head over to http://bit.ly/rx9NdO to check it out!

Yes, this is an affiliate link, and I will make a commission if you buy through this link. But you will not pay anything extra – the deal is available to everyone. But hurry – this offer expires tonight!