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Save at Sears Canada This September 2009

Sears (Canada) just closed its Labour Day sales event, but the website has items on sale all the time. Just look for all kinds of deals mentioned in red – many of them can be had until the end of the year.

Right now there are deals everywhere:

  • a Hardware Sale
  • Natuzzi furniture sale
  • Sealy mattress sale

Links to all of these items can be found on from the home page – follow our link for the best deals! Find it @

Sears Coupon Code – Get $10 Off – Ends June

  • OK Daddy, here we come. Want to save on your Father’s Day gift?
  • “Congratulations, son” > looking for a perfect graduation gift?
  • Looking for a new baby toy?

It’s time for summer deals and great steals on tank-tops, shorts, bbqs, patio gear, and more!  To make summer shopping even better, we have a  bonus offer to share with you — Save $10 with a minimum purchase of $100.  Valid until June 30, 2009.

If you buy online at Sears you can get $10 off with the coupon code mentioned below. Read the rest of this entry

Online Coupon Codes 15% Off Children’s Clothing

Discount Coupons For Designer Children’s Clothing

West Village Kids website screenshotWest Village Kids has many brands of upscale children’s clothing (age 8 and under), including Mish Mish (spotted on Madonna’s infant son David), Oilily, Miss Sixty or the Dutch brand Jottum (bit of chauvinism here – I’m Dutch :o).

Not sure where West Village Kids is located; could not find anything in the About Us and there is no Contact Us. Probably just an online venture, I suspect in New York, NY, but I’m not 100% sure. I am deducting this from the page with Shipping Information, where a New York phone number is listed. The Shipping Chanrges are also the lowest for US shipments ($8 for the entire shipment), which reinforces my assumption that this is a US company.

15% OFF Coupon Codes

And of course, (online) shopping is so much more fun when you can do it with a discount. So, here are a few coupon savings codes we found on the web (no closing dates, so you will have to see whether they still work or not):

  • RMN15

West Village Kids Com

Check out their online kids boutique at west village kids dot com. 15% Off is of course great for Back To School purchases. Brands on the site include: Bengh, BlueBird, Cakewalk, CCs Rags, Charabia, Chipie, Collette Dinigan, Confetti, Halabaloo, IKKS, Jean Bourget, Jeeto, Jottum, Marese, Mish Mish, Miss Sixty, Oilily, Pom DApi.

Printable Coupons Toronto

Coupon Collection Website

Kidding Around Toronto Dot Com has several online coupons to offer. It works a little bit like an e-commerce site: you add offers you like to your Shopping Cart. But instead of “buying” the items in your cart, you can print them off.

Many coupon offers are for email or telephone orders; there are only a few coupon codes to be used on merchant’s websites.

  • Baby coupons
  • Free loot gags for parties
  • Clothing savings
  • Entertainment discounts
  • And more…

Some Usability Issues…

This website is a neat idea, but it could be more user friendly: every time after I have added a coupon to the cart, I end up at the top of the page again, instead of returning to the coupon that I just entered. Because now I have to scroll aaaaaall the way back down again, and have to remember which coupon I was looking at in the first place (which I often forget, or I just scan past it).

(Can you tell that I am a usability consultant?)

Bounce House 5% OFF Coupon??

This one is no good either: “Just click on our web site” is not hyperlinked, so I will not find their website. and I am not going to Google them either, unless I am really, really, really interested :o)

BTW: if you are looking for quality bounce houses, then I can highly recommend Publi-Air. They have offices all around the world, including Canada. Check out their bouncy castles, giant inflatables or inflatable domes and kiosks (for tradeshows, for instance).

Printable Online Coupons

Anyway: check it our at

Coupon Code Simply Colors – Customized T-Shirt or Hoodie

Personalized Clothing For Babies and Children: 10% OFF

Christmas Angel - Made In Canada - I\'m A Cookie Monster - Born To Be SpoiledSimply Colors offers a lof of personalized clothing items: T-shirt, polo shirt, dress or hoodie. Simply Colors is a company offering a European clothing line for babies, toddlers and children. It has offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA. Many items are less than $20. Want to order more? Orders over $75 get free expedited shipping. Once payment is received, orders will be shipped to you within 1-3 working days.
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