We have just dropped off a donation at the Centre Wellington Food Bank in Fergus on behalf of our church. We got a tour by the new Food Bank Manager Fred Aleksandrowiczand his wife, Brenda. It became clear to me and my wife that the Food Bank is like a business, that needs to take a lot of things into account:

  • How to manage and instruct your volunteers
  • How much can Food Bank clients take (a week’s worth of groceries in a month)
  • How much constitutes “a week’s worth”?
  • Are people giving name brands or (cheaper) no-name brands? Educate people that 2 no-name brand items help the Food Bank more than 1 name brand item.
  • By giving Food Banks money instead of products they can buy what they need most right now.
  • Can the Food Bank do something to educate people how to budget, if they can get one week’s groceries a month? (how to survive the other three weeks)

It is all about being smart with your money. The Food Bank has to be smart with their money, and so do their clients.

But it all comes down to dollars.


if you have saved some dollars by being smart with YOUR money – please be kind, and donate some of it back to your local Food Bank to serve those less fortunate.

Thank you.

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