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[Urgent] WP Shop Builder and Theme: How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Shop In WordPress Fast!

OK – if you’re interested you will have to act fast. This product is on a dime sale and the price goes up with every sale. Just by $0.10, but since I bought it the price has jumped $7.60 – which means 76 WordPress Plugins/Themes sold. Read the rest of this entry

Free Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course

Wow. There are more and more Internet marketers giving valuable information and tools away. One of these courses that you can take a look at for free now is PPC Classroom. This course sold out in a week the last time it opened, and this Pay Per Click Internet Advertising Course is really solid. I know, because I am currently a member.

Now you can be too.

And you can get it for free! (watch this video)

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Free AdWords Keyword Search Tool

For those of you who are interested in finding out what keywords your Google AdWords competition is bidding on, I have a new FREE keyword search tool to show you.

The standard version of the tool is free to download. There is no catch.

Works Only With Firefox

Something you should know: this software is a plug-in, which only works with the Mozilla Firefox browser. So: It will NOT work with the Microsoft Explorer or Opera browsers.

If you are not using Firefox yet, or would like to upgrade your browser to the latest version (always recommended) you can find it here: download Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It has been my favourite browser for years.