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15% Off Of Superior Petfood – Free Delivery in Fergus and Surrounding Area

Tom and Mary Cadenhead are the owners of Tomar Enterprises in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.  They have lived in Fergus since 2002 and have been offering free home delivery of pet foods since 2006. Tomar Enterprises now also offer organic pet treats, natural dog chews and bird seed that can all be delivered with your pet food order.

Superior Petfood is proud to be able to offer a superior pet food at an affordable price. They can keep their prices lower than their competition because they have no storefront to increase their expense. You can only buy their pet food from their website or by contacting them. They deliver the pet food directly to your home.

15% Off – Until December 10, 2010

Tomar is now offering 15% off their raw dog food.


Visit superiorpetfoods.com now!

Local Coupon: $20 Off Music Lessons – Kindermusik (Fergus)

As per December 31, 2009 we have discontinued our local coupons directory. But some of our coupon providers wanted to continue their coupon – without an expiry date.

So print off this printable coupon for $20 off music lessons (piano, guitar, theory, vocal, harmonica) at Performance Studios (Fergus). Choose between “Kindermusik®” or “Music for young Children™”.

Printable coupon for $20 off:

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Today Only: 10% Off Almost Everything At The Bargain Shop (Canada)

The Bargain! Shop has a Friends & Family Sale – and you are invited! Today only, between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM you can get 10% off almost anything in the store, including clearance items!All you need is this printable discount coupon:

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Reinvest Some Of Your Savings And Support Your Local Food Bank

We have just dropped off a donation at the Centre Wellington Food Bank in Fergus on behalf of our church. We got a tour by the new Food Bank Manager Fred Aleksandrowiczand his wife, Brenda. It became clear to me and my wife that the Food Bank is like a business, that needs to take a lot of things into account:

  • How to manage and instruct your volunteers
  • How much can Food Bank clients take (a week’s worth of groceries in a month)
  • How much constitutes “a week’s worth”?
  • Are people giving name brands or (cheaper) no-name brands? Educate people that 2 no-name brand items help the Food Bank more than 1 name brand item.
  • By giving Food Banks money instead of products they can buy what they need most right now.
  • Can the Food Bank do something to educate people how to budget, if they can get one week’s groceries a month? (how to survive the other three weeks)

It is all about being smart with your money. The Food Bank has to be smart with their money, and so do their clients.

But it all comes down to dollars.


if you have saved some dollars by being smart with YOUR money – please be kind, and donate some of it back to your local Food Bank to serve those less fortunate.

Thank you.

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