Special Namecheap Coupon Codes (50+ or 300+ Domains)

When researching namecheap coupon codes I stumbled on this post on their support forum.

What is interesting is that they mention offering additional discount coupon codes for people who have 50+ or 300+ domain names with them.

Currently, we have 2 tiers of renewal pricing for customers having 50+ and 300+ domains registered in their accounts. The first tier gives you $0.88 discount and the second – $1.28 off the regular price.

So when you have more than 50 (or more than 300!) domain names in your account you should contact NameCheap’s support desk to get the domain renewal code that you deserve!

NameCheap Coupon Code for July 2010 – Online Discount Domain Name Registration

As we like Namecheap.com as a registrar because of its fair pricing and easy to use control panel, we continue to provide you with July 2010 namecheap coupon codes.

Here is the July 2010 namecheap coupon code, good for $0.88 off of your .com, .net, .org or .info domain name: Read the rest of this entry

Coupon Code: .ca Domain Names only CAD 9.50 – Offer ends soon

Domainsatcost has a sale going on: new .ca domain names for only CAD 9.50 (normally $12.95). The email mentions this deal ends soon.

You must enter this promo coupon code to get the discount: Read the rest of this entry

Namecheap Domain Name Discount Coupon Code June 2010

Need a domain name? I have been using Namecheap.com for a long time now. And if you look around, you can always find a nice online coupon code to get you a discount on your domain name registration. Save $0.88 off of new domain names at NameCheap by using this coupon code: Read the rest of this entry

Namecheap May 2010 Coupon Code

If you need a domain name you can get a discount by using the coupon code below. It’s for Namecheap, which I have been using for a long time now. The discount is for $0.88 off of new domain names at NameCheap.com – just enter this coupon code into the “coupons” box: Read the rest of this entry

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